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2nd World Irrigation Forum

Message from the ICID President


Dear Friends,

On behalf of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, I am pleased to invite you to the 2nd World Irrigation Forum (2nd WIF) and 67th IEC to be held in November 2016 at Chiang Mai, located among the highest mountains in Thailand.

As developing countries move forward in their quest for economic growth, the demand for food, water and energy in next 30 years is likely to be doubled. The ever rising population in the developing world together with the limiting natural resources and climate change will add to the complexity of meeting the food demands of tomorrow. This economic growth will carry with it the increasing demands of water for domestic, industry and nature resulting in reduced share for agriculture sector. To cope with the situation better irrigation and water saving technologies together with best management practices have to be put to use. Globally, new knowledge, technologies, policies relating to agricultural water management are continuously evolving. If augmented by, increasing interaction between not only the stakeholders involved in management of agriculture water, but also those involved in water dependent development sectors, particularly, those engaged in agriculture, rural development, energy, health and industrial development would provide opportunities towards more sustainable world food security.

ICID has taken up the challenge of bringing together all stakeholders concerned with agriculture water management on one platform by establishing the World Irrigation Forum (WIF) which is ICID’s landmark event organized once every three years. The Forum provides opportunity to all the stakeholders concerned with irrigation water management and development to address and discuss issues of global concern in enhancing water productivity and thereby reducing consumption of water in agriculture and yet increasing food supply. The first such Forum was organised at Mardin in Turkey in October 2013 which was welcomed by the stakeholders and produced excellent outputs which can be referred to at http://www.icid.org/conf_wif.html

The Second World Irrigation Forum is being organised by the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) and is hosted by the Thai National of ICID (THAICID). The theme 2nd WIF is ‘Water management in a changing world: Role of Irrigation for sustainable food production’. The theme will cover the interaction between balancing water, food, energy and ecology; coping with climate extremes and identify smart actions required to use it as a tool for alleviating hunger and poverty.

I am confident that your presence at the 2nd World Irrigation Forum and 67th International Executive Council meeting will prove to be highly rewarding, as you will have the opportunity to participate in various themes and sub-themes, ministerial meetings, special sessions, international workshops and side events together with an international exhibition of modern irrigation technology, products and services. There are also opportunities to visit and learn some of the best management practices that Thailand has to offer in agricultural water management, specially adopted for paddy cultivation. Through your participation you will be part of very high level debate and would be able to exchange the knowledge with experts from all around the world. This, I hope will propel our thinking into concrete actions to revolutionize the way we manage water for increased agricultural productivity.

Thailand is one of the Founder Members of ICID, joining ICID in 1950, and with full support from the Royal Department of Irrigation, THACID, I’m sure, will not leave any stone unturned for the success of 2nd WIF,to ensure learning and present hospitality at its best leading for a wonderful Forum.

Yours truly,


Dr. Saeed Nairizi
President, ICID