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2nd World Irrigation Forum


Dear friends,

On behalf of the President of THAICID, I am very pleased to welcome all members and distinguished participants to the 2nd World Irrigation Forum (WIF2) and 67th International Executive Council (IEC67) Meeting, organized at the International Convention and Exhibition Center Commemorating His Majesty’s 7th
Cycle Birthday Anniversary, Chiang Mai, Thailand from 6 – 12 November 2016.

It is apparent that Thailand is one of the ICID co-founders and the leading countries that emphasize the significance of agriculture as well as water management. Earning its reputation as the kitchen of the world, the country has produced and distributed quality food to the world. Water, therefore, is considered an essential resource to ensure sustainable food production. In light of climate change and emerging environmental issues, national strategic plans have been formulated with particular attention given to food security, environmental preservation, water resources development and public participation.

Reflecting the key issues that have already been mentioned, this forum features the theme of “Water Management in a Changing World: Role of Irrigation for Sustainable Food Production” with participants working in areas related to water management. The forum thus offers an opportunity to connect, share experience and exchange opinions which would definitely contribute to further implementation and problem-solving activities.

Apart from this, being here in Thailand is truly a delight to enjoy tourist attractions including both natural and historical sites. Thailand is also distinguished with unique culinary, local products and traditional culture. Moreover, the hospitality of Thai people represents the country as the land of smile, leaving lasting impression to tourists worldwide. You will definitely enjoy your stay here.

Once again, thank you for your participation and attention. I strongly believe that this forum is
going to offer insight and valuable information which can be applied into practical use and fulfill the
purposes of this event.

Sincerely Yours,

Sanchai Ketworrachai
President, THAICID